Campaign for the Alzheimer's Association Denmark

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    The Alzheimer Campaign '14
    As a school team we won the major Danish competition “Reklame for Alvor” 
    (Serious Advertising) where we faced the established advertising industry. 
    The campaign was launched all over Denmark in February 2014.
    The Danish Alzheimer's Association.
    Show that there is a life filled with quality and meaning, even after you're diagnosed with
    dementia. Try to decrease the stigma associated with the disorder and by that the isolation of 
    the diseased and his/her family. 
    We strive to make people understand that the most important part of someone's 
    existence – the relationship with the people that matter – persists.
    Det vigtigste består
    The most important part of us persists
  • "I want to kiss you, but I can't remember who you are"
  • "I feel safe with you, but I can't remember if you're mine"
  • "I love you, but I can't remember who you are" 
    "I love talking with you, but I can't remember what our conversations used to be about"                            
  • "I want to give you a hug, but I can't remember your name"
  • "The most important part of us persists. Dementia complicates the everyday life, 
    but the joy of experiences and the feeling of togetherness with family and friends
    never cease to comfort."
  • Man: "Remember how we danced around?"
    Woman: "That's me!"
    Man: "Yes. And our son, Peter."
    Woman: "I can feel that I love you, but I just don't know who you are."
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