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An exhibition banner I designed for the Cambridge School of Art for their stand at the UCAS Arts Fair.
Cambridge School of Art Banner
Freelance work done during my third year of University
Following on from the CSA brochure/prospectus, the client asked me personally a few months later if I was able to design a large scale banner (over 2 metres tall and 3 metres wide) for them to use at their stand at the UCAS Design your Future arts fair, both in Manchester and London. This again, was an invaluable experience for me, because it was the first real brief that I had from a real client individually. I was delighted to hear that I was given the job due to the professionalism and leadership skills that I demonstrated on the previous prospectus brief. I was given a lot of restrictions on the design and content of the banner, but it was a very useful experience for my future practice, and my first paid work.