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Projetos de instalações imersivas, interativas ou não, relacionadas à área de entretenimento, arte, design e tecnologia.

Coletivo Caloria
//Collaboration formed by FAUUSP students of Design and Architecture.
Immersive installations, interactive or not, related to the area of entertainment, art, design and technology, applied in the university enviroment.
Beatriz Alcantara
Daniel Rodrigues
Gabriel Negri Nilson
Wesley Lee

Visual ID
naming, logo and application
- sounds simple, without consonant meetings;
- strong and impactful sound;
- brazilian name;
- refers to warmth, indicating the human value of the collaboration.
The stylized handwriting typography refers to the same human relation, close, and sophisticated at the same time. This typography is a rereading of the Cushing font.


//Creation of the material in Processing and After Effects, following the party identity.
3 screens side by side projection (9m).
The forms never fills the entire screen, integrating with the other screens and with the enviroment.


Festa FauEca
//Modular installation and mapped projection.
Production of the material with external and studio filming, programming and treatment in After Effects.


//Fabric installation and mapped projection with multilayers, more than 10m length projection.
1000 glowing plastic balls with LEDs intervention, thrown from the top during the party. 



//Entire intervention