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  • Calligraphy
    A selection of hand-lettering works. Communicating with brush and pen in Graphic Design.
  •  Title for chocolate wrap. Ruling pen with ecoline. (for Orange 021 adv)
  • Title for ice cream packaging. Brush with black ink.
  • Opplà. Personal work. Automatic pen with ecoline.
  • Envelope. Folded ruling pen with ecoline. (to my friend Glen Epstein)
  • Title for a calendar. Balsa wood with watercolours.
  • Personal work. Alphabet. Brush with watercolours.
  • Title for magazine. Marker pen.
  • Title for a calendar. Brush marker.
  • Logotype. Brush and ruling pen with ecoline.
  • Akenia. Personal work. Automatic pen with ecoline and mixed tools.
  • Title for print campaign. Ruling pen with ecoline. (from NuovaComunicazione adv)