Calligraphic Skull

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  • Alchemic/calligraphic skull
    Calligraphic intervention for an exhibit of skulls celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead
  • For the exhibition «Sobre el muerto las coronas», held in November 2011 at the University Cultural Centre of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, at Puebla, México, I was invited to illustrate a «skull», together with other artists and designers. I decided to make a calligraphic piece, based on alchemic quotes from the extraordinary 17th-century book Atalanta Fugiens, a work I’ve cherished and studied for years, written by Michael Maier, the famous German alchemist. The calligraphy was executed with a permanent marker in just one sitting. No previous planning or sketching were made; just pure, rough improvisation. Here I show images of the process and the finished piece, together with the book inspiring it all. Thanks to Profr. Benjamín Dueñas for his kind invitation.
    [Photographs by Alejandro Pérez Olvera.]