Call Painting

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  • call painting is a phone application.
    during a phone call, the software draws while you speak. at the end of the call, you can save the image and keep it as a silent witness of the conversation.
  • call painting is an interactive installation.
    one or more microphones let you draw your voice, and you can also change the colors with your mind! the path of the drawings is you moving around.
  • call painting is an audiovisual performance.
    multiple audio inputs can draw different things at the same time. switching between presets or changing parameters is controlled with a simple user interface, designed for musicians.
  • call painting is an educational tool.
    since the drawing mechanic is very simple, children learn what pitch and volume are in an easy and interactive way, and most of all, they become aware of the power of their voice.
  • the project was conceived and developed by francesco domenico d'auria and gruppo workshow.
    call painting has been presented as interactive installation or audiovisual performance in urbino, rome, lisbon and porto.
  • more details on the official website of the project: