"Creative Chimp" | Calendar Design+Body Art

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    The Project Brief
    This was a collaboration project that I had done for a local TV station, 8TV.  
    We were assigned to design a dekstop calendar using different themes to represent each month. 

    Our artwork is then transfered on our hands as body art.
    Materials & Media:
    Body paint

    For this project, I have collaborated with a team of designers to create a
    calendar design for 8TV (Local TV station)
    The idea was to use animals to represent each month according to
    the themes provided. My part of this project was to come up with a
    design for the month of May, with the theme— "Creativity & Innovation".
    Therefore, I chose the chimpanzee.
    My design was then transfered into a hand painting.
  • Idea+Concept sketch/proposal
  • During the photoshoot session
  • Final printed result
  • Calendar page layout.
  • Chimpanzee design left and right brain.
  • Close up view
  • Yellow crystals and beads applied at eye area to create 3D feel
  • Attached real wires and bolts 
  • Background illustration
  • Illustration of chimpanze imitating human actions.
  • Header for calendar layout page.
  • Caption below: "Keep thinking innovatively and creatively by using your left and right brain hemispheres"
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