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    As you could kill time without injuring eternity

    // school project 
    // 2nd year of study / subject: Graphic Design IV / mentor: prof. Radovan Jenko / may 2012 

    _task: creating a calendar for the year of 2014, with limitation to use all the letters of an alphabet stretched over 6 sheets of    paper
    _concept: to make a project more specific, I added the following quotation as another starting point "As you could kill time              without injuring eternity"
    _solution: format is divided into a grid of equivalent triangles, these are also the basic modules where each letter finds its                place. The user's task is to flick out one triangle per day. When month runs out, the user can see a couple of letters in                  different color combinations

    // on annual exhibition Oko za oho 2012 (= selection of student works, evaluated by an independent jury of slovenian pros in the field of visual communications and industrial design)

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