Calendar 2010

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  • Calendar 2010
  • In October (’09) I decided I wanted to learn how to screenprint, so I reached out to eleven friends, got myself a copy of Print Liberation, and got ready to burn the screens. What started as a learning adventure soon became a finished Calendar with the work of 12 artists. I screen printed 30 copies in my 12 sq ft bedroom-office and stab-stitched them by hand. Each person was given a month, two colors to work with and one rule: only type allowed!

    I designed July and while researching, found out that about 20+ countries have their independence day on this hot summer month. Orange days are representing liberation through a letterform separated in parts.
  • Here's the involved participants:
    Carlos Carrera (Jan) | Ariana Tamayo (Feb) | Jefferson Quintana (Mar) | Freddy Arenas (Apr) | Lucía Vera (May) |Rodrigo Fuenzalida (Jun) | Me (Jul) | Luis Daniel Zambrano (Aug) | Manaure Peñalver (Sep) | Ma. Antonia Karam(Oct) | Ma. Álcira González (Nov) | Sergio Barrios (Dec)