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  • Calendar 2011
    ~dreams & wishes~
  • Pepper & Cinnamon's 2011 calendar is based on the theme of ~dreams & wishes~ and is a collaboration between Jiaying and myself.

    People start making resolution lists whenever a new year arrives — wishing that they would exercise more, be more productive, make more new friends, etc. Gestures like these are indicative of our hopes and desires. This is where the calendar draws its inspiration from.

    An innocent and colourful art direction was employed to illustrate each month's artwork, which is accompanied by a cute motivational caption. We hope that the calendar will bring love and joy to everyone in their daily lives.
  • January: Love the world!
  • February: Love me, love me not...
  • March: I wish I had a more creative mind.
  • April: Rain or Shine? Make up your mind!
  • May: I wish I had your voice.
  • June: I wish I could shop till I drop!
  • July: I wish I lived in a fairytale.
  • August: I wish I were just a little taller.
  • September: I wish that my toys were alive.
  • October: I wish I were so special.
  • November: I wish I could understand you.
  • December: I'm dreaming of a white christmas...
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