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A Short Film
'Cabbit' is a handmade animation by Montana based artist, Soogie.
Animated frame-by-frame using paper, a sharpie and a scanner, 'Cabbit' has been a passion project which has been in production for 4 years with contributions from artists in the United States, Australia and France.
Artwork available at:
Original music by Kadavre Exquis (Childhood of a Circle):
Producers: John Kassab and Greg Sugano
Associate Producer: Emma Koster
Music: Kadavre Exquis
Editor: Andre Gorgievski
Sound: John Kassab and Adrian Medhurst
Post FX and Titles: Matt Arnold
I contributed a number of skills to this small indie project by Prospekt Film Group in Los Angeles. I was the illustrator, visual designer, animator, and co=producer for this project.