Cá se fazem…

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  • Publication that brings together portuguese contemporary studios/designers

    Cá se fazem… is a publication which presents eleven contemporary
    studios or designers from Portugal.

    Each article starts with a reference image to the studio or designer
    that is being presented, followed by a workplace photograph; it ends up
    with some projects and its legenda and an interview with these questions:

    How and when did you created the studio?
    How many are you?
    What kind and for which clients do you develop your work?
    Who/what are your main influences?
    Do you collect anything?
    How do you see the current panorama of the portuguese design?

    Curator and designer
    André Santos
    José Bártolo

    This publication was edited using Leitura,
    typeface developed by Dino dos Santos
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    Read the article in We Celebrate
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    Limited edition of 100 copies stitched by hand
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