CYBERPROOF Awareness Advertising Campaing

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  • Cyberproof Social Awareness Campaign starts with a series of 3 posters designed to draw immediate attention to the serious problem of cyber bullying by showing the alarming statistics. The teens shown in the posters have been the victims of cyber bullying. The parents’ “If only we knew…” message is full of regret and helps make a personal connection with the audience.
    Each poster deals with a specific problem and has one call to action. After interviewing several parents on the issue, the majority responded that they would rather prefer to talk to someone for advice or support if they feel their child is being cyber bullied. For this, I have decided to use a phone number where parents can call for support.
  • The next step of the Campaign, when parents call the free number on the poster, they would immediately receive support and a copy of the guide would be send to their home address.
    The research process and interviews with parents also indicated a preference for items such as a leaflet or brochure which could provide clear and definite guidelines on how to address each aspect of cyber bullying. This is when I decided to create the Cyberproof guide for parents to indentify and combat the 6 most common cyber bullying tactics.
    The guide is designed in a clear, concise and logical manner that helps parents easily navigate throughout each chapter. The layout is clean and the content easy to understand and the end of each chapter feature a short summary highlighting the main points.
    The desired outcome of the Cyberproof Campaign is to bring social awareness, to connect with parents and educate them on the issue of cyber bullying.