• Custom type: Plan A / B / C
    A designers font

    Plan is a corporate typeface made for Plan A Ontwerp, a graphic design studio based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Based on the rough sketches by the company owner I designed and mastered the complete Plan font family.
  • Plan / $25.00
  • Frank Vogt, Plan A Ontwerp owner and graphic designer, wanted to redesign the studio‚Äôs corporate identity. He made some very rough sketches for his logo and asked me to digitize it and make a complete font out of it. What came out of this creative challenge was 'Plan'.
  • Plan / $25.00
  • 3 in 1

    I descided to make a family of three fonts for him. All three fonts should have the same width, spacing and kerning, so they could easily be mixed:
  • Plan / $25.00
  • Digitization of your typeface
    Most graphic designers want to create typefaces, but time and technical know-how gets in their way. You might have done sketches on a font for professional- or personal use. This is where I come in. I can digitize your sketches and craft a complete typeface from it, program the OpenType features and encodings and generate the right font format for the job. You will have a working typeface withing days.

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    Your own custom typeface
    Companies make every effort to stand out from their competitors. A custom typeface is a very powerful visual element to position a Brand. They can be made to fit the companies needs and even save money. It's no longer exclusively available to large companies, but can be done at a smaller scale for medium sized companies too.
    I offer creative and highly distinguishable corporate custom typefaces that push your brand to a higher level. I also work in close contact with graphic designers for their clients Brand.

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