CUSTOM FONT: Kryptonite

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  • Custom type: Kryptonite
    Superman's biggest fear

    My font Kryptonite was originally customized for a product Brand, way back in 1998. It was applied in a packaging line, and different print- and online material. It even was the first typeface I ever released.
  • For the first client we worked for at Stoere Binken Design, I designed a product Brand called 'Kryptonite'. The Brand should be vibrant, explosive and sharp. I made the identity look like it could have been taken from a Superman movie.
    For the Kryptonite Brand I extended the existing font with 2 styles that could be stacked on top of eachother to give it a cool 3d effect.
  • Characteristix

    The kryptonite from the movies was a sharp, green and radiant crystal. So this fit perfectly to my font Kryptonite with its diagonal lines and the sharp stem edges.

    Layered fontKryptonite is now a layered typeface that consists of three versions;
    Kryptonite C is the text font, but each font can be used stand-alone. They don't necessarily have to be used together, for each font has enough power and character to 'fly like a bird'.
    To protect the Brand's uniqueness, only Kryptonite C will be sold for now.
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