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    THE BATTERY CONSERVANCY Americas Design Competition 
    Participating design
  • CURVUM // Latin word for curve or curved objects or line

    The authenticity of the concept of our design relies on an eco-friendly, low maintenance recyclable prototype that can be collected and stored in a single place, a sustainable tree. Both elements are fabricated using WPC (Wood Plastic Composites), post consumer plastic PET bottles or packaging (polyethylene terephthalate) consumed daily in the city of New York as their base raw, processed, molded and assembled into the necessary segments for construction. The purpose of employing these materials to create an up-cycled seating option is not only derived from the shifting usages for plastic waste material promoted by the New York City Recycling Program, but also as a way to strengthen and exemplify important features and values, such as: longevity, durability, and low maintenance. These features are accompanied by the visual vibrancy of multi-color trimmings from PET bottles, which are enhanced with a UV additive to deter fading throughout the material.

    For the development of a single seat, this composite is preformed into gills, or small plates, that are pleated to one another, resulting in a lounging chair that feels organic in form and function. When unfolded and joined plate to plate, single and multiple modulated forms of seating and congregations are created throughout the expanse of the park, composing a colorful scenario in consonance with the natural green landscape. The functional faces of the chair also serve as grips for carrying as well as for securing the chair in its place. These plates are designed so as to be able to be used for graphic purposes, as they may carry a logo or symbol of the chair, donor or sponsor recognition and the RFID security (Radio Frequency ID tag) requested.
    When not in use, these colorful seating elements may be collected and stored in a special tree designed specifically for this purpose. It stores and fastens each unit, stacking up to 30 folded chairs in its trunk, 4 in each designated track up to a reachable height, tiling the tree with a polypore-like form. The tree is composed of 16 molded structures of the same composite, each with a pivoted branch that moves with the wind, fixed to a cylindrical pillar anchored to the ground bringing it to life, reinforcing the idea of a live natural element born in the park. The tree posses lighting elements creating a halo around itself at night, inviting the community to enjoy the space ensconced in the comfort of artificial light. As such, the sculptural park may be conceived as a dynamic grove landscape, day or night, moving in unison with the wind currents that approach the park, evoking a calm ambiance with the subtle movement of the branches. The reason being of this effect is to conceive not only movement, but also the remembrance of time.

    “If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.”
    Kahlil Gibran
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