CTS Spollo Kitchen Project

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    The ongoing dialogue between design and cookery takes on a news shape with Spollo Kitchen, a 400 page journey through flavors and visual alchemy, revealing the world of food through a different viewpoint.
    Print shop CTS Grafica invited the whole graphic design community to take part to the project submitting a graphic version of their favourite recipes and dishes. The project was developped in collaboration with Polyedra paper, AIAP (Italian assosiation of design and visual communication) and ADCI (Italian art director's club). 100 designs were selected to be published in the Spollo recipe book, printed by CTS Grafica, while all submissions are going to be displayed in full scale (50x68 cm) at the two events planned for the book launch in Rome and Milan. All the selected recipes were replicated and photographed in the CTS kitchen by a professional chef.
    I'm totally obsessed with pumpkin everything. I could eat pumpkin all day long 24/7. So it came natural to think about a quick divertissement that's a visual version of the steps you have to go through to make my beloved pumpkin risotto with pancetta. Oh, winter.
     Pictures by CTS Grafica at Osteria Il Gufo - Perugia