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Case Study | Center of Gravity Hall, Materials & Methods, Fall 2008
Case Study | Center of Gravity Hall
Materials & Methods
AR 243 | Eric Olsen | Fall 2008
The materials used for this mock-up are concrete, rammed earth, polycarbonate, two-by-four framing, glulam beams,purlins, insulations, corrugated metal, plywood, felt and some fasteners. Rammed earth does not require weather proofing, resists seismic movement, and it has excellent thermal mass and insulation. Polycarbonate is meant to control thermal activity in the building and act as translucent material to see through. Corrugated metal also acts to control thermal activity in the building in the roof area. Plywood is mainly used for structural purposes to support the other materials. Finally, felt and polyurethane foam act as rigid insulation to save energy and they also have high thermal resistance and low thermal conductivity. The most important factor for us to consider while building this mock-up is how to use the materials together effectively to make it as efficiently as possible.