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My list of creative triggers. What's yours?
by Irfan Darian
I've always been curious about the tools that make someone more creative than the other. Perhaps there are triggers that are abound around him that makes one so, or perhaps one could just be born with a little more creative gene than one was intended to have.
But I am a believer that creativy is something that can be taught and trained!  A little wishful thinking perhaps, but it is definitely one of those skills that could be equipped, and be made better through the use of useful triggers, whether physical, or meta-physical in nature.
I've always been curious about the things that make me curious, and perhaps nothing is more enlightening that to capture the objects around me that help me to look at things differently.
I took snapshots of objects that I have collected over my teaching years, things that I found interesting enough to collect and keep, or simply those that could provide some triggers for certain ideas that I have, or am going to have.
Here's my list...(out of many more!)
What's yours? I would love to hear about yours.