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Character and concept Design for inner campaign
Well, this is a project request we had from the PO BOX company in Guatemala CPS / CPX, which is a leadership campaign within the company. The concept is based on a super hero character, which promotes their values and goals.

For this project I worked with Gavbee, she finished the arts and I developed the character. :)
Character Proposal, Super Hero for the "Execution" campaign.
First of the 2 proposals, finished by Gavbee.
Second proposal, with Gavbee´s collab.
So, after a few changes, this is temporally the final result, ha, after saying that my character looked like as if he had a contraception device on his head, we decided to just put some hair on it. This campaign will continue with the creation of another character, a supergirl :) but let´s get paid do for this one first.

Oh yeah, and they wanted it more "colorful"