CPH Urban Toilet

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  • Commissioned by the City of Copenhagen, TheCPH Urban Toilet is a sanitary solution designed for the urban context. The toiletstands out from other public toilets, being small, simple and connected to its surroundings. Rather than having a sealed off inner space, the urban floor is drawn into the construction, integrating interior and exterior.

    CPH Urban Toilet is designed withemergency situations in mind. The open character of the solution makes it easy to extract a collapsed person. This makes the toilet especially fit  for areas with many vulnerable groups such as drug users and vagrants.

    The toilet is significantly lighter and cheaper to install and maintain than most existing public toilets,making it an attractive solution for cities around the world. It can be transported an put up as one unit. This simplicityopens up the opportunity of seasonal use. We hope to install onbeaches and in parks around Copenhagen during the summer.

    The design is inspired by the classic Copenhagen urban style, combined with more contemporary and functional aesthetics.

    The CPH Urban toilet is a collaborative project between UiWE and Sara Nanna.

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