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  • PENCILBREAK: A graphicore compilation, Book
    Size 220 x 240 mm.
    216 pages printed in full colour.
    Mate coated cover.
    English and Spanish texts.
    Content: Graphic design, illustration, contemporary art.
    ISBN13: 978-84-612-4508-6

    Featured artists: $atanik Mike Go Home, Devoner, Droon, Dzgnbio, Elzo, Fighting, FFF, Ian Liddle, Inkcore, Jan Rohlf, Jinpow, Marco Microbi, Neon Skullz, Niark1, Nikibi, Pastee, Pix-Hell, Plump Oyster, Raoul Sinier, Sekitani, Sish Tick, Vida Loco...

    "Pencilbreak is a big mashup of the best art and graphics inspired by and for the digital hardcore subcultures we live and enjoy. This book compiles fresh work from more than twenty international artists. All of them share a similar feeling and passion for distorted sounds and graphics. This book is meant to be an homage to Breakcore and other styles of hardcore music and corresponding attitudes."

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  • Pictures and original images used for the final design:
  • Created by Pablo IA - geeohdee for Belio Magazine. 2008