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    “Corrosion is the disintegration of an engineered material
    into its constituent atoms due to chemical reactions with its

    The corrosion perception which was researched,
    based on the analogy between the corrosion dictionary definition and the physical state of things, buildings in their current appearance, will always strive to destruction. The concept was inspired by Jonathan Gales’s -Factory Fifteen - Megalomenia project.
    What are the reasons of the building decadence?

    1. Gravitation
    2. Nature Climate
    3. Humanity

    1. Abundance
    2. Irrelevant urban context

    All that being said, when we take Time and Interaction
    as a permanent factors we reach to the understanding
    that there is no eternal beauty, there is no permanent
    existence there are no trends the only permanent aesthetic
    derives from the state of constant decay.

    The corrosion theory will not fall to nihilism, it understands
    that we do need to find the best solution for architecture to
    exist so it will try to take a step back before all become lost
    and try to capture the moment before the final demolition
    and start the architectural creation from that moment as the final
    state of matter.