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  • The main goal of this exhibition is the promotion of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and their essence as inspiration to some of the more relevant artists in history.

    A selection of the articles that constitute the Universal Declaration orchestrate a collection of paintings from different times and traditions with emphasis on Francisco de Goya’s Black paintings and Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

    The visit culminates with a stunning simulated visit to Miquel Barcelò Magnus Opus in the dome of the United Nations Human Rights Council Hall in Geneva.
    Inspired by the formal aspects of this composition the exhibition is a stunning display conceived to adapt to different venues creating an original, intimate atmosphere.

    A traveling showcase the design takes advantage of Digital Modeling and Fabrication, a process that joins design, architecture with the construction industry through the use of 3D modeling software and computer numerical control machines. a common fixture in the every medium sized city in the world.
    Fundación Onuart is a foundation dedicated to the promotion of Human Rights through Art.