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  • The success of this project is the result of the synergism that occurs between two concepts of the word, 'Confidence.'

    1) Response to the satirical and over-the-top antics of Old Spice and Axe personal products campaigns. Confidence is an innate state of being. It delights in the idea that one's actions ought to carry more meaning than their words. A confident individual is strong, moral, secure and honest. They need not call attention to their self in a flamboyant manner, as their peers simply offer their respect as a result of their admiration for and trust in the confident individual.
    2) Use of the Confident personal products line occurs as part of the daily ritual of the consumer. Thus, Confident products offer the user the chance to "Start the day CONFIDENT." The incorporation of these feelings of preparedness and optimism as part of the morning ritual promises more than maintenance—it offers an experience that finds expression in multiple aspects of their life.