COMMUNITY RE-VISIONING: The Nanaimo-Vancouver Crossing

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  • Salish Sea Transit Services
    The backbone for sustainable development
  • The SSTS solution links passenger-only high-speed downtown-to-downtown ferries with LRT connections, sparking development of a self-sustaining traffic loop that transforms the service from a highway to a Regional Transit Service.

    We create the backbone for sustainable bread-and-butter development and growth by re-structuring BC Ferry Corporation (BCFC)’s Nanaimo-Vancouver service away from a Highway to a public-private Regional Transit Service:

    A)  Splitting operations into Passenger-Only and Passenger/Vehicle ferries;
    B)  Docking Passenger-Only Ferries at Nanaimo's Cruise Ship Terminal;
    C)  Docking all Passenger/Vehicle Ferries at Duke Point (closing Departure Bay); and
    D)  Planning and Building a Nanaimo LRT system.

    Past attempts to create a passenger ferry service used a single small vessel, simply trying to compete without looking at the larger regional economy picture.

    A Vancouver-Nanaimo service needs higher ridership at both ends to make economic sense: a larger year-round Island population base, greater commercial activity and employment to feed traffic to the system.