COMMA Art City Project

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  • COMMA Art City Project
    A View on the European Contemporary Art Scene
  • COMMA Art City Project
    Perugia – Italy
    20th June – 30th July 2011
    For a month Perugia was the scene of the event “Comma”. The work of fifteen artists of eight different nationalities, all resident in Amsterdam, was presented both as exhibition spaces and public interventions, getting in touch with a widely diversified public and establishing a direct connection with the city.
    Hello, Savants ! was the curator and participated with the works of three of its members.
    featured artists:
    Abner Preis,Galo,Joe Holbrook,Lil’Shy,Lordh,Maoma,MiniVila,Morcky,Ovni,Raymond Lemstra,Rocco Pezzella,Sit, The London Police,Zedz
    Photo by: Ominonero