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Channel Identity, On Air Branding, Channel ID, Station Identification.
Clowns - Comedy Central Ident
Remote - Comedy Central Ident
Switch - Comedy Central Ident
Indian - Comedy Central Ident
Parachute - Comedy Central Ident
When laughter is the malady, pain is the medicine. Be mean. No guilt.
As part of launching Comedy Central in Latin America and Europe we created a series of five indents that mix satire and absurdity in a graphic way by taking elements of silent film and a simple yet effective aesthetic to celebrate our inner sociopaths so you could enjoy somebody else’s pain.

Concept, Creative & Art Direction: Camilo Barria.
Directors: Camilo Barria, Eloisa Iturbe.
Design, Animation: Eloisa Iturbe, Matin Lanciano.
Sound Design: Martin Blanco.