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Visual Identity exploration for a electronic music podcast. L.
Visual Identity
Colorblind is a concept born from the need of objectivity, of seeing reality clearly, uninfluenced by the usual elements depicting it. Just as colors offer us perspective, words direct our train of thought to wherever they intend.
Remove the colors. Remove the words. Now, you are free.
Free to focus on the details, to think on your own, to concentrate, to enhance your perception. Just as a picture in grayscale unchains your imagination, this Melodic Techno podcast is meant to give room to original thought and make us see things through our own perspective, while en route or at home.
The headsets are your train. Music is your railway.
I saw explosions, random bursts of rainbows; they brought me happiness. I saw washed out nuances, inducing a morose state. The panoply of colors, everywhere, shaping the way I thought, modeling my perception. Just like the words put to music. So evocative, that I can’t tell their thoughts apart from my own. 
Always new thoughts, new ideas to be replaced soon. They never belong to me. All I hear is noise. All I need is music. But then, everything fades, gradually. The colors. The words. I get what I need.
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