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  • Full Moon At The Centre For Acid Medicine And Fragmentary Architecture
  • Somewere Near Shanty Town, Were The Birds Are Toxic And The Children Green
  • Our Time Is Almost Up, So Let's Dance Until It's Over...
    Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Music Of The Sea
  • Minister Of Sound, Public Works And Underwater Architecture
  • A Moment of Profound Pleasure As The Infamous Building 26 Is Consumed By The Flames
  • Unacceptable Presence Of Government Drones During The Rehearsal
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Institute For Broken Dreams And Delicate Moments of Nostalgia
  • All The Diva Had Left Were The Love Letters
  • An Unusual Morning Stroll Outside The Ministry Of Darkness, 
    Along The Virtual Wall Where All Your Dreams Will Be Considered Madness.
  • The Wedding Present
  • Wish She Was Here