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Furniture design. Infusing meaning back into lifestyle with Square Kufic calligraphy.
Tawhid Coffee Table

The Square Kufic Collection is a furniture line inspired by the ancient Islamic calligraphy style, Square Kufic.  It is a project aimed to infuse meaning back into lifestyle for the furniture range for retail brand, Rumi & Kohl.

Square Kufic is an ornamental style of Kufic calligraphy which existed as early as the 8th century A.D.  It can be seen in Quranic headings, numismatic inscriptions and major commemorative writings.  It is ruled by the laws of geometry and characterized in its purity in line, angular rigor and transparent linearity.  The style reached its peak under the Seljuk rule in the 11th century ad as architecture began to develop with high aesthetic values.

In collaboration with Calligrapher: Ahmad Hilmy

Photography By: Ichal Orthos
Initial sketch.
Tawhid : Oneness