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Visual identity for Coda, the new edu.
ClientCoda, the new edu
2011 - Ongoing
Project Synopsis | Creations by Den was approached by this educational consulting firm in California to design its logo and website. This quickly grew into a full corporate identity to elegantly serve information to Coda’s clientele. The website was to remain simplistic, offering only a specific amount of information on one or two pages. Its main purpose: to collect data from clients to tailor responses appropriately. I used small amounts of color and textured patterns to create a recognizable motif consistent in every piece, giving Coda a cohesive and personalized feel. The goal was to provide a polished theme to reflect both Coda’s level of service and its clients’ comfortable interaction, regardless of the medium.
   Business Card Bookmarks  fronts | backs
General Letterhead  front
Update Form  front | back | filled
Feedback Form  front | back
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