COCKTAIL FRUSION : Interactive HD Serviettes

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  • ┬áCocktail Frusion is an interactive High Definition Serviette that was distributed during the Student holidays along the Western Coast of South Africa - 250 000 HD Serviettes were seeded in clubs & pubs where students hung out from Plettenberg Bay up to Cape Town .

    The HD Serviettes were delivered with drinks ordered & invited students to attend " the mother of all fashion parties " by joining " Coctail Frusion ! " through a dedicated short code .

    Once joined up we created a brand dialogue with the Cool Hunters by keeping the venue of the fashion party a secret - only with 12 hours to go did we reveal the google c0 - ordinates of the secret venue which was a hanger on the Foreshaw !

    Over 1600 students pitched - the invite was sms'sd to their mobile phones & was shown as proof of entrance .

    We built a database from the Students that joined & Built a Social Network dedicated to the Secret Fashion Party that will be used as a customer engagement platform for future Brutal Fruit Events .

    Flashmobs were filmed in and around Cape Town - in the form of improptue fashion shows where the hd serviettes were handed out - a giant High Heeled Fshion Shoe was parked in Long street & on campus with the url to the Cocktail Frusion website .