Vauxhall - The C.M.O.N.'s
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Integrated Campaign. Native content.
MTV were approached by DKLW to take GM's CORSA puppets 'The CMONs' and make them famous. They suggested we create a music video, but no one really knew who these puppets were.
So instead we made them into band member and gave them salacious backstories which we covered through a newly invented MTV Mocumentary called "MTV Under The Radar" (They're small after all) As well as a suite of integrated collateral - everything from TV content, a fully functional Under The Radar webpage, magazines and yes, even a few music videos. We even commissioned a full rock album. Ten tracks, the only lyric being... C'MON!  
DKLW and the client were brave about the minimal use of their car and our edgy tone, making this a truly native piece of branded content. The campaign won an M&M award.