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    A stop-motion in clay
  • The story is of a baker who bakes things that come to life and then one day something goes wrong...
     The time taken to complete the project from conceptualizing to completing the shoot was 2 months.

  • Here are a few not-cleaned up clips from the movie...the clean-up (post production) is still in progress


  • Out of the group of 7, My colleague and I were responsible for making the set for the entire movie, we conceptualized the entire space, from the kind of furniture to the lighting to the colourpallete and then got into its production where each and everything was made by hand

    everything from the little tables to the "edible-like" items in the kitchen

  • These are a few concept sketches for the set and the bottom right picture is of the dummy model for the set that was made with cardboard and paper to get a feel and scale of the set

  • The furniture was first spray painted and then worn out by sanding and staining with coffee water


  • story board for reference while shooting the scenes...nothing gives more pleasure than scratching off a storyboard frame after the shot has been animated! :)

  • 2 models for the oven were oven that opened and the other that was used for the stationary shots to avoid cracking of its clay

  • the cuckoo clock was made by me using ice cream sticks and clay! 

  • I had the most fun making this fruit cake with the kiwis, strawberries, blue berries and star fruit! 

  • the little glass bottles were filled with the most random daily use items like talc and colin and face wash!


  • many things like wires and rods and pins are used to support the armatures during production that need to be removed in post..besides even the fingerprints that come on the soft parts of the clay need are 2 examples of the cleaned up frames that I made on photoshop