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  • Logo & identity for Charlie & The Fashion Factor, a fashion blog. Created a few years ago by a fashion journalist called ‘Charlotte’.The new blog will be relaushing soon.
    ‘Charlie & The fashion Factory’ is a blog that has been around for a few years. Charlie is a fashion journalist working in London for different magazines. The other side of her work is blogging. I made this new identity, 'Charile' wanted it to be to what she had at the moment. The critira to meet was to make it new, bold and fresh. Pink was that answer indeed. It is a really elegant brand, with different shades of pink, giving a floresent Pink in there added an edgy feel to the brand. With this new branding it is going to take her blogging to the next level and allow the blog to expand.

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    Check out my Pinterest board that helped me get inspiration for this branding identity.

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