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Editorial Design
Goddess Matsu has become the most widely worshipped deity in Taiwan. When people pray to Goddess Matsu and ask what they need to know, the God would answer them through fortune sticks. The read-out mainly comes out through poetic expression. This project is planned to combine the former sixty fortune poems with a new one. We created something by fusing the old culture and the new comer in to one.
60 fortune poems are shown with 60 paper-cut models which have the five different colors - yellow,green,blue, pink,orange to imply the image of metal, wood, water, fire and earth -- the five elements in ancient Chinese philosophy and fortune-telling.

For the purpose of having this subject close to perfect,we have made something really different,such as: sachets in addition to golden tea cups(a kind of offering),and charms against evils(after greeting a god,the Taiwanese may put some ashes of burned out incense into a bag to pray for safety).
This completely shows the characteristics of Chinese people's belief and faith.

The poems on the fortune sticks are taken down to the writing folds, not only because it is the most traditional way of bookbinding in Chinese culture,but also a manner used by our old ancestors to publish their books. Besides,the gold foil plated on the cover of the file is a symbolism in appliance with the holy spirits.
(It is believed that gold is the color for the Goddess and silver is for the ghost )

2008 Young Designers' Exhibition in Taiwan { Gold Prize } (Taiwan)

2010 Red dot communication design { Junior designer award }