• VDAS 3D Artwork Project
    "CJ CGV" Brand Commecial motiongraphic
    Specialized in the CGV theaters
    "IMAX", "4DX", "Starium", "Gold Class", "Cine de CHEF", "Private Cinema", "Sweet Box", "Veat Box",
    " Screen X", "Sound X"
    Work Process
    plan : 1 week
    Artwork : 2 week
    Motion : 1 week
    Activity duration  1 Month
    CGV Introduce
    CGV is established in 1995 for a movie theater and multi-media businness part of CJ CheilJedang.
    It is the pioneer in multiplex cinema of South Korean in 1998. Moreover, not like old-fashioned theathers,
    CGV expended entertainment facilities such as restuarants, food courts, video arcades, and shooping places.
    In result, it created the new cutural paradigm called <One Stop Cultural Place>.
    Competing with other theater brands Lotte Cinema and Megabox, CGV still preserves its most top multiplex theater brand in South Korea.
    Brand Pillosophy
    We are the Global No.1 Platform, providing more than amaging movies.
    The first, The best, Unique place with various enjoyments, experiences, and customer value creations.
    Brand Slogan
    Cinema More Impressive