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  • El- Alamein City is the future extension forAlexandria and for the north coast in Egypt. This project was part of thefuture planning for this area as many other projects to make El-Alamein 2050 City. El-Alamein has a big history and many people all over the world came tovisit one of the places of the world war two. So there must be a city with allfacilities and entertainments possible for the visitors to spend a good time,for that all and to make a new city able to take the capacity of millioncitizens, it became a must to put on a planning and studies to build up thefuture city 2050.
  • Design Idea
    At the first glance, it is easy to miss the logic ofthis glass structure building. But the Design started from a partialconsideration: the activates this buildings will require handling and howsimilar functions will be grouped together? ...

    A new big-city Graphic center shows a new chance towork in new fields within open spaces, which requires an new Architecturalvision of a building.

    The goal of this design is to create truly separatespaces for each zone function & create the inspiration atmosphere and thefelling as being working in the outdoors in the same time with the neededisolated space for work.
  • CGI:Computer Generation Imagery
    -Used in computer Graphics especially in specialeffects, simulators and simulation generally and the main use to make fullmotion videos.
    -It is also used with other technology (Real-TimeComputer Graphics) used in video games and here it is called cut-scenes ormotion videos...
    -CGI generates virtual effects because it is morecontrollable than physical based processes ...
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