• CFS - Cross Fabricated Scales Modular
  • Cross-Fabricated Scales (CFS) is an investigative prototype of experimental cross-fabrications between geometry and materials research, serving as a crossover between architecture and art—with a high concentration on the developmental nature of experimentation and details, relating to the scalability of a singular, yet repeated, patterning unit.

    The emphasis of this piece is the seamless transition between scales of a composite geometry, which is an evolution of topologies, exploring the physical properties intrinsic within the technique of digital and analog design experimentations.

    In fostering the synthesis of repetition and variation within a scalable logic, Cross-Fabricated Scaled anchors its design experimentation in exploring the challenges of producing a continuous surface condition through a composite unit which has the ability to seamlessly scale up through the minimized connection of parts.

    The form-finding investigation and evaluation included active lab testing of physical models, in conjunction with computer simulation and optimization processes through a CNC (3D) milled prototype of each individual module, which attaches to a framing system.

    In addition, the fragility of the forms and differentiated materials were conceptually assessed through experimentation during the design development research process. The final [whole] wall is constructed of modular self-supporting aggregates that seamlessly unite through a minimal connection of parts, creating a gradient of tessellation across scales.

    The collective units could possibly scale ad infinitum, yet the perception of its parts is diffused through its design that expresses a maximum variation for a minimum amount of parts, which also allows for ease of transportation and construction. In order to fully express the effect of the scalar transition, the repeated units are best viewed as a formalized wall partition system, which can divide or constructed within a taciturn space.

    Phase I - Design & Project Team:
    Wendy W Fok, Sue Biolsi

    Phase I - Technical Consultant:
    Daniela Kroenhort

    Phase II - Design & Project Team:
    Wendy W Fok
    Jimmy Tong - Fabrication Consultant

    Phase II - Material Consultants:
    + DuPont Corian Asia Pacific
    + LG Hausys - HI-MACS Asia Pacific

    + digitalFUTURES Shanghai 2011
    + Asian Design Forum - Singapore, 2010
    + Fabricating the Future (Tongji University Press) - available on Amazon.com
    + Contemporary Digital Architecture Vol.2 (LINKS)
    + Twenty & Change 03 (Riverside Architectural Press)
    + CONCEPT Magazine vol 8, 2011