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  • Central SML / Playroom
    Casa FOA 2012
  • Proposal: A relaxed space,with a warm and stimulating environment where different recreationalactivities coexist .

    Development and spatial organization:The proposal seeks to highlight the central column as the base element of therecreational space. The furniture is presented as a series of melaminecoated board layers and geometric shapes, which overlap and intersect, andwhere the column serves both as a support point and organizer element.

    *Lenga Modular System (LMS): The system is based ona 60 x 60 cm. wood liner board. As this board is to be hanged on the wall, itworks as a support for the whole system and for the different furniture modules.The board is composed by short wooden lenga slats,extracted in a sustainable way in the south region of Argentina. Each of theboards also contains a frame and four small slatted boards.
    The identity of this system refers to the wood workingtradition of the south of the country and seeks to rescue and revalue thenative, noble, organic and sustainable material.

    Tropic is a versatile productthat consist of a repeatable and engageable single piece made ​​of nonwoven textile.As the module works in repetition, the organic and vegetable shapes are usefulto cover and decorate big surfaces. The material also reacts with themovement of the air and can be lighted, getting a diverse of different effects.

    Photo credits: Andrés Philipps photography