CD and Vinyl Graphics
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Several examples of design and illustration that I've done for CD and vinyl packaging.
CD and Vinyl Graphics
Bellow are some examples of music graphics that I have done for CD's and records over the past few years.
 Record cover for a New York based musician Alina Simone
 The artwork that I did for "Make Your Own Danger" used for a vinyl and CD release.
 Digipack version of "Make Your Own Danger"
 Another project that I did for Alina Simone (covering the music of a legendary Russian singer Yanka Dyagileva).
 Inside graphics for "Everyone is Crying out to me Beware"
 Digipack illustrations and design for a San Francisco based band Varona.
 Varona's album was also released in a limited edition packaging. This version was hand printed using letterpress and original linocuts.
 Another view of the limited edition version of Varona's album.
 Album artwork and design for a Boston based musician Alisa Apreleva.
 Inside of Alisa Apreleva's digipack.