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  • 2013 CCTV9 Image Spot & ID (Moment in Time)
    The channel image for CCTV9 in 2013 is to be perceived as being relevant and relatable. ‘Moment in time’ is the concept that JL DESIGN came up with, focusing on experiences that are intimate and personal, and looking at events from time’s perspective. The stories in the 4 idents are seen to be unfolding in an exhibition space or museum, creating moving sculptures from time trails. The stories of the different characters are further explored in the image spot to show the documentation of self (martial arts expert), parent-child bonding (father and daughter), partnership (dancers) and romantic relationship (couple).
    在2013年的CCTV9品牌策略上,JL DESIGN從頻道的標識規劃出Moment in Time的概念。從時間的觀點出發,觀看紀錄的軌跡,每段軌跡正娓娓訴說著一段故事。出自頻道logo立方體內的視角,CCTV9同時是一個讓觀眾靜心體 會藝術軌跡雕塑的展覽空間。四支ID,四段從形象宣傳篇獨立出的故事主角,從自我(武者)/親情(父女)/和諧(舞者)/情感(情人)詮釋出不同階段的紀 錄故事。
    Design Studio: JL DESIGN
    Creative Director: JL 羅申駿
    Executive Producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪
    Project Manager: Jennifer Lin 林佳蓉
    Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩
    Designer: Hsiang Ju Hung 洪湘茹, Utsuo Chen 陳映男
    Line Producer: Pan Huang, 黃緯豪
    VFX / Design company : KORB
    Concept Development: JL DESIGN & KORB
    Producer: Lina Paskeviciute
    Animation Director: Rimantas Lukavicius
    Technical Director: Giedrius Paulauskas
    Music: Rockid Lee- MUSDM