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Advertising campaign and book layout for CCA – Creative Club Austria (Top Ten)
Advertising campaign and book layout for CCA – Creative Club Austria
(an institution awarding the best pieces in the Austrian creative field every year)

Claim: “Eigenlob stinkt!” (Austrian phrase meaning “Don’t blow your own trumpet!.”
However, the campaign is based on the actual german interpretation of the phrase which, 
literally translated, is “Self-praise stinks!”).
Campaign Description:
Compliments from others versus self-praise? The campaign starts with slogans of conceitedness. 
However, be aware, self-praise stinks. Compliments from others are far more valuable. For instance,
from respected colleagues in the creative club.
(In collaboration with Daniela Stenzenberger.)
Ad (in specialised press and magazines) Original size A4
Text on the sticker: 
“Self-praise stinks.” CCA – Call for Entries 2010. 
Submit your work up to and including January 19th, 2010.
Poster for Agencies:
Self-praise stinks which is the reason that it is put into plastic bags. These plastic bags will be hung up in different advertising agencies and Graphic Studios. On blackboards, walls, toilets, or the entrance door.

The glass case is used as a container for the plastic bag. 
Even some flies are attrackted by the stink of the self-praise.
Text in the balloons:
My talent makes everyone horny. 
I am the pride of every agency.
I am the definition of creativity.
The evolution culminates in me.
My ideas are in any case worth a mint.
I play in an entirely different league.
I am the hottest advertis
In addition to the posters in the graphic studios, give-aways will intensify the campaign.
(The slogans are all Austrian phrases.)

Pencil: “I write like a young God.”
Rubber: “When I am present everything goes green with envy.”
Bottle: “Ideas simply bubble out of me.”
Glass: “No one is able to hand me some water.”
The invitation gives a foretaste of the CCA-Gala.
In the shape of a perfume sample – a sample of honest compliments.

The Creative Club Austria pronounces honest compliments. The book is fragrant.

It’s time to enjoy the distinguished works.