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    By Roberto Alegria
  • The most recent ads from Carhartt that we produced together with the boys from Laneta production have finally came out! This is Laneta’s second advertising campaign with the brand. A couple of years ago, Laneta created a great video “Skateboarding in Slow Motion” while last year I introduced the “Rain ad serie”. It became quite evident that Laneta and I should again work together on this new project.
    The original idea of the “Dust Ad Serie” is inspired from an earlier work I made for the special issue of the 50th publication of Erosion magazine. For this cover I used artifical smoke so we could visualize the contrast of white smoke with a black background. I became fascinated with this concept and started to think of new ways of creating this effect with new elements, this is when the “Dust serie” was born. We used flour instead of smoke, and the results really surprised all of us! In addition to the series of pictures, we also opted for video footage in order to bring more strength to the project..

    2012 International Photography Awards. Awarded: 1st place in Advertising - Self-Promotion category for the winning entry "Skateboarding on Dust"