• Client Description: Caravana is one of the first rotisserie chicken chains in Peru.
    Established in 1966 Caravana has been taking the lead in creating new presentations, products and services that competitors have been following.
    Brief: Caravana need to change the packaging, updating it with the rebranding of the identity.
    The old packaging made of polystyrene was replaced with cardboard as a more ecological and friendly material. The packaging needed to be consistent with all the family products.
    Approach and Solution: The new CARAVANA packaging is focused on the simple positive vivid energy of the soul of the brand, a burning coal.
    The shape was inspired on lunch boxes we used to take to school or work.
    Strong simple typography and a bold orange and black color, writing for the first time the different chicken portions: 1, 1/2 or 1/4 and the personal and family fries portions.
    These new cardboard boxes made a huge change in the packaging of rotisserie chicken in the Peru market.