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Canadian Marketing Association Award Show 2012
Clients and agencies. Strategy and creative. It’s a dangerous tango. Sometimes it ends in anguish, but sometimes the results are golden. The
CMA Awards is the only event that recognizes it takes both halves to pull off award-winning work. 
From DM & print to film & interactive, we pulled audiences through a single immersive narrative – concluding with the CMA Annual, and all those who snatched the gold.
DIRECT MAIL : A mysterious typewritten letter is sent to thousands across Canada - beginning the mystery of Bailey, his client Violet and the elusive gold.
ONLINE : An interactive version of Bailey’s desk let visitors examine evidence, listen to the radio, gain insight into the creative process & more. And the contents changed over the course of the campaign.
PRINT : 1940s-era newspapers help fill in the backstory and drive award submissions.
DM : A Train ticket addressed to Bailey from Violet is shipped in the mail. [ Her confidence might be getting the best of her ] 
- On the reverse, more information on the gala evening.
GALA TICKET : As the first piece to the conclusion of the story, the Gala ticket itself was designed to look and feel like it came straight from the 1940s – just a taste of what was to come on the Big Night.
MINI-FILM : Filled with innuendos, industry winks and the conclusion of our story, we screened this mini-film to kick-off the Gala event.
Opening video
Closing video
EVENT DRESSING : The dames wore red, and the fellas were given fedoras. Every detail of the award show, from the hosts and title cards to
the dinner and dancing, was sultry, glamorous and just a little dangerous.
AWARDS ANNUAL : The film ends with a cliffhanger - what was in the dossier that could snatch the CMA gold? After the show, audiences walked away with the answer. Even Bailey’s personal notebook was stashed inside.
Associate Creative Director : Dave Tupper
Associate Creative Director : Jennifer Rossini
Writer : Marcelo Ceron
Art Director : Francheska Galloway-Davis