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Web Design
As part of 50th anniversary celebrations, Cambridge Seven Associates was looking to redesign and update their website. As pioneers in multi-disciplinary based practice, C7A wanted a site that could communicate the interconnected nature of their diverse portfolio and teams, without sacrificing intelligibility. Through the research process, BMD also discovered a forward-thinking, humane, and expanding practice and wanted to reflect this through the site.

BMD created a News style website that highlights the impact of their projects. A headline editorial approach communicates the context. The site invites the public to post photos and comments, demonstrating the importance of the human experience. Photography of the team involved in each project, incorporated into case studies, reflects the warmth and engaging personalities of this collaborative practice.

All of this is presented on a flexible and clear grid that never sacrifices richness for clarity. The grid is superimposed on top of city skyline views. Skylines represent cities where C7A is currently doing work, communicating future horizons and a global practice.

Finally a robust filtering feature allows visitors to filter projects through a variety of criteria. Visitors to the site can circle in on particular expertise or explore the common threads that link each project.