C L O S U R E (Exhibition, Branding, Curation) (FOCA)

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  • This body of branding work is a collaboration with HeyMaybe
    Event is organized with my friends, Jane Koh, Teow YueHan, Jonathan Tan & Cheryl Lim
    Photos of Artworks taken by Jonathan Tan

    Singapore’s cityscape is in a perpetual state of re-construction: Buildings are systematically torn down to make way for newer ones. How do we deal with constant change in this City’s state of impermanence? Do we resist, address or accept the customs of our evolving culture? 

    C L O S U R E is a collection of multi-views that negotiate the situation. 8 different creatives respond to the notion of progress/loss through change in their own ways in an old flat at its final stage of en-bloc.
    Boedi Widjaja
    Calvin Chua
    Hans Tan
    Izyanti Asa'ari
    Marcel Gaspar
    Shah Rizzal
    Tan PeiLing
    Urich Lau
  • The organizing team. <3
  • Urich Lau's work featured in the exhibition space
  • Closure Brochure Design opens and closes in the centre
    Poster Design for the event wall

    Free of Charge Artshow (FOCA) contributes to S'pore's cultural narrative by addressing shifting concerns by way of dialogue, documentation & discourse. FOCA is interested in organizing inter-disciplinary and inter-generational art shows to express what defines our culture today.

    We are a grassroots initiative with the intention of creating a community built upon society's generosity for Arts and Heritage, with the interests of engaging alternative spaces, critical discourse and cross-collaboration.

  • There were about 200 plus people who came in the span of 4 days.
  • Proofing before print
  • EDM Ads that come on the facebook event page describing the featured creatives
  • Tertiary Class field trips were held in the exhibition in the mornings 
  • Skeleton of the brochure
  • Manifesto of our Art Event
  • The room houses works of 8 different creatives.
  • Electro-Somnia by Urich Lau
  • Mode of delivery
    and people came!
  • Dialogue Session led by Ben Slater
  • Artists & designers seated during dialogue session. One of the artists based in the UK speaks via skype.
  • Artist Release
    We had a fantastic combined discussion with SOTA School of the Arts & NTU Art, Design, Media students. It is so heartwarming to have witnessed the spirited dialogue & consensus across the different institutions. These creatives all discovered abit from each other, the special roles and spectrum of art in this country.
    This is the future right here.
  • Inspiration of all the collatorals
  • Work, New Workers by Calvin Chua
  • Trajectory by Izyanti Asa'Ari
    Trajectory by Izyanti Asa'Ari
  • Art piece, Mirror Mirror by HansTan
  • Change is the new place.