• Buzz Caffeinated Honey
    Buzz Caffeinated Honey is a fictional brand of NYC Rooftop Honey.  The concept for the company is derived from New York's nickname "The City That Never Sleeps."  Buzz Caffeinated Honey is made for NYC night owls looking for that extra boost of caffeine in their midnight cups of tea.  The logo of the company juxtaposes the head of a "night owl" with the shape of a beehive.
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  • What's the Buzz
    We're just a group of Brooklyn night owls who are obsessed with observing the busy bees who have made the rooftops of our homes their homes. When bee-watching late at night, we often brew tea to keep us awake. As we like to say, BEE TIME IS TEA TIME. With our late night tea-drinking habits and a passion for NYC bees, we established BUZZ. It's the sweetest boost to our midnight cups of tea, and hopefully yours!